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Meet the Teacher

Hi there!  My name is Jill Beatty-Sarra and I am a 1987 graduate of Mount Union Area School District.  After graduating high school, I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology in 3 ½ years.  I immediately enrolled in graduate courses upon graduation to continue my education in the Speech Language Pathology field.  I again graduated after a year of study from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology in 1991.  I began working for a rehabilitation company called SG Rehab in hospital and nursing home settings.  After 2 years of working in those settings, I began my employment at Southern Huntingdon County School District where I have been the Speech Language Therapist for many, many years.  My job as the Speech Language Therapist is to provide therapy to children with speech, language, and communication needs.  These children have difficulties in communicating with others.  It may be that they cannot express themselves effectively or they may have difficulties in understanding what is being said to them.  Speech refers to:  saying sounds accurately in the correct positions in words; sounds people use to communicate words; speaking fluently without hesitating or prolonging or repeating words or sounds; and speaking with expression with a clear voice, using pitch, volume, and intonation to support meaning.  Language refers to speaking and understanding language:  using words to construct sentences, sentences to construct conversations and longer stretches of spoken language, and understanding and making sense of what people say.