Mrs. Christy Black » Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

1.  Stay in your seat unless given permission to move - VERY IMPORTANT
2.  Mask breaks are for 10 minutes and only when 6' of distance is possible
3.  No borrowing materials
4.  The teacher will dismiss you, not the bell
The Classroom Expectations are in line with the district expectations for students.
Be Respectful:  Follow adult/teacher directions the first time.  Use kind words and actions.  Speak when it is your turn, not while someone else is speaking.  Use indoor Voices.
Be Responsible:  Take care of your personal property. Do not take the personal property of other students or the teacher without permission. Be prepared for class.  Give your best effort.  Be honest.  
Be Safe:  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  Sit on a chair with your feet and the chair's feet on the floor to avoid tipping over. There will be no pushing or shoving while entering or exiting the room. Maintain proper distancing.
If a student forgets a rule, he will receive a friendly reminder because we all make mistakes, and mistakes are how we learn!
After a reminder, students can progress to a warning if the behavior continues.  A parent call or conference may be required.  After school detention might be utilized.
If the behavior continues or if there is a severe incident (endangerment of self or others or damage to property) then a referral must be regrettably be submitted to the office.