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Google Classroom Information


Google classroom Information for  Students and and Parents


Students should already have access to google classroom and be participating in it every day in class. If students are having trouble logging onto google classroom at home. Here are instructions to help!


  1. Using your internet browser (Google Chrome will work best for this), go to You may be directed to log into an account instead of reaching the classroom screen. If you reach the screen, skip to STEP 3. 


  1. You must be logged in to your child’s SHCSD.ORG account in order to access any Google classroom. Click “Sign In” in the top right hand corner if you currently are not signed into any google account. If you are on another Gmail account, you will need to sign out of it and log in with your child’s SHCDD.ORG account. Their username is their school lunch ID with after it.  


  1. Once you are logged in and on the site, click the “+” in the top right hand side of the screen. 


  1. Select “Join Class”.


  1. Enter the class code(s). 


  1. The classrooms that you are now joined to will now be one screen. The next time you use, this will be the “home screen”.

This information can be found with pictures at the following link!


Group 1:

Agriculture Exploratory - tzibk3o

Veterinary Science - gejymbx

Agriculture Mechanics - rqwa3zl

Plant and Soil Science - zzz2qnw

Animal Science - kmx4ipk

Agriculture 8 - ninfgtf

Group 2:

Agriculture Exploratory - uj5ekz2

Veterinary Science - 6gfboff

Agriculture Mechanics - qlbbkkx

Plant and Soil Science - np5os5j

Animal Science - 25xqjao

Agriculture 8 - 5xv3v7w