Mrs. Stana Dennis » Class Expectations

Class Expectations

Expected Class Habits and Procedures: 

1. Preparedness: Students will need to bring a change of clothes and approriate footwear every day. 

2. Respect: Respect the rights and property of others

3. Follow Directions

4. No cell phones, headphones, make-up, food, drink (except water) or gum in the activity area

5. Keep your locker and locker room clean 

6. Abide by the rules of SHC handbook at all times during class 

Evaluation Process: The following will be used to determine your grade: 

A. Participation Points: Each day of PE is worth 10 points.  In order to receive all 10 points you must: 

1. Dress out completely in proper PE uniform (t-shirt, LONG shorts/sweatpants, and closed-toed tennis shoes with laces) (5 points)

2. Participate in class activities the entire class period (5 points)

B. Written Work: PE notebook, Packets, Quizzes, Projects and Tests (skills and written)