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Google Classroom



  1. Sign in using their school e-mail account (their individual then use the password used to sign in to school computers.
  1. Look in the upper right corner for the box made up of dots.
  1. Scroll down to the chalkboard Google Classroom. If it doesn’t show up, then type Google Classroom into the Google search box and it should come up then.
  1. Choose your class: Students may belong to more than one class/teacher group.
  1. Click on assignment.
  1. Don’t forget to TURN IN your assignment when you are finished. That’s it!
credit/source: Mrs. Woodward


DIRECTIONS FOR TURNING IN ASSIGNMENTS (For hybrid or remote learning)
  • Google Classroom will be used for both hybrid or remote learning during any extended school closures (COVID-19, inclement weather, etc.). When using Google Classroom, please follow the directions/pictures below to turn in your assignments.


1. On Google Classroom, select the class, then CLASSWORK, and the assignment that you are working on. See picture (1).
2. Next, click on the "+ Add or Create" button located on the right side. Then select "docs". See picture (2).
3. When your Google document opens up, notice that your document is automatically labeled (I used my son as an example). List your answers in order (for now). *Showing your work is optional for now, but if you are tech savvy and can do it, that's great!  After you are finished, select the "Turn In" button located at the top right part of the screen. See picture (3).
4. Finally, you will see a confirmation screen "Turn in Your Work?" Select "Turn In". See picture (4).
*That's it! If you are having problems, please let me know.

Mr. Horne