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SHC Social Studies Department

The SHC Social Studies Department spans grades 6-12 and offers a variety of courses.  Social Studies credits towards graduation are earned starting in 9th grade.  Full-time high school students and HCCTC students will need three (3) Social Studies credits out of 24.5 total credits by senior year in order to graduate. 
Grades 6-7-8 are classes that students do not have flexibility in taking; rather, every student has the assigned subject for their grade level (with few exceptions).
Middle School Teachers include:
Grade 6 - 6th Grade Team / Ancient Civilizations and World History
Grade 7 - Mrs. Kylee Mattern / Geography
Grade 8 - Mr. Mark Wyland / US History
High School Teachers include:                                                                                                                               
Miss Rebekah Rogers / American Government and Economics, World History
Mr. Randy Watkins /  US History II, Psychology/Sociology
Mr. Brock Yohn / Topics in Recent US History, Penn Highlands Western Civilizations I & II