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COVID-19 Shutdown

Online Classes will begin Tues 3/31/20 -

Students, please check your Google Classroom for further information and assignments. You should have recieved an email asking for you to join your class period. Below is a link to the introductory document in your Google Classroom for each course I teach. For each course, it will explain in more detail what to expect. 


Biology - 

Biology Directions for Week 1

Biology Directions Week 2

Biology Directions - Week 3

Biology Directions - Week 4

Biology Directions Week 5

Biology Directions Week 6

Biology Directions Week 7

Biology Directions Week 8

Letter for Mt. Aloysius Part A Courses


A&P - 

A & P Directions for Week 1

A & P Week 2

A&P - Week 3

A&P Week 4

A&P Week 5

A&P Week 6

A&P Week 7

A&P Directions - Week 8


If you are in Advanced Biology, you will have recieved a second email asking for you to join our course in Khan Academy. 

Advanced Biology DIrections - Week 1 

Advanced Biology Directions for Week 2

Advanced Biology Directions Week 3

Advanced Biology Week 4

Advanced Biology Week 5

Advanced Biology Week 6-7

Letter for College Courses


Office Hours -

I will be immediately available between the hours of 10 am and 12 pm, Monday through Friday. Please email or send me a message through Google Hangouts. Please do not hesitate to ask for help if you need anything!! Take care and I hope to see you all soon!!