Mrs. Sarah McMath » Biology


Course Description:

     Biology is a laboratory science course that covers the study of living things. Scientific processes and laboratory skills are emphasized along with biology’s connections to other scientific disciplines. Students learn scientific writing skills and also examine current biological issues. The foundation of this class is based upon the standards developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in preparation for the Keystone Biology Exam. Students enrolled in Biology for the 2019-2020 school year will be required to take the exam in May of 2020. Students in the graduating year of 2022 or younger must score well on this exam and pass this course in order to receive their high school diploma. (Please reference the Pennsylvania Department of Education website for further information.)
Course Overview:
1. Characteristics of Life
2. Biochemistry
3. Cell Structure and Function
4. DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
5. Cellular Division
6. Genetics
7. Evolution
8. Ecology