Mr. Jeffrey Mills » 6th-Grade Social Studies Syllabus

6th-Grade Social Studies Syllabus

6th-Grade Social Studies Syllabus
1  Teacher Contact Information
School Email:  
School Telephone:
814.447.5529  x2104
2  Course Purpose/Learning Objectives
All of the sixth-grade students at the Southern Huntingdon County High School/Middle School are required to participate in five core subjects each day at school.  These five classes include reading, math, English, science, and social studies.
First, as determined by the SHCSD administration and school board, the sixth-grade social studies students will study ancient world history.  (NOTE:  Because of 2020-2021 teacher reassignments affecting 6th-grade, the four 6th-grade teachers - Mrs. Lynn Rennell, Mrs. Barb Foster, Mrs. Autumn Woodward, and myself - will be teaching this particular subject.  Each of us will be teaching four historical time periods for one marking period.   At the end of the marking period, all groups will rotate to another teacher for instruction.)
During the nine-week period of time spent with me, the classes will be instructed on the following topics:
Chapter 1 - "The First Civilizations"
This area of instruction will emphasize some of the first civilizations that arose in southwest Asia.  The people of these civilizations gradually learned how to arm and developed systems of government, writing, and religion.
2  Chapter 2 - "Ancient Egypt"
The citizens of this society living along Africa's Nile River formed rich and powerful civilizations.  The people of Egypt and Kush built large monuments that still stand today.  This empire rose and fell numerous times with each stage improving upon government, the arts, literature, and architecture.
Second, geography skills will be incorporated throughout this class so students will be able to identify the locations of the ancient civilizations.  The geographic locations will be discussed and how they impacted the events of each society.  Much attention will be focused upon the continents and oceans.
Third, news events happen daily.  To maintain and increase the understanding of world and national events, students will view CNN10, a 10-minute news program produced by CNN (Cable News Network), write about the news events and discuss the impact of the events and people making news today.  As a 21st-century learner, each student is part of future generations' history.  CNN10 will be viewed periodically throughout each week of class.
Finally, this school year students will be incorporating Scholastic News into their weekly instruction.  Magazines are printed twenty times throughout the school year several times each month.
Sixth-grade students will learn how historical civilizations and empires evolved and how modern-day events are impacted and/or similar to today's historical events. 
3  Student Materials
The school district will provide the textbook, World History, Journey Across Time.
Students will need to provide the following materials for this social studies class this school year:
1 Vinyl Folder
Notes and all information will be stored in this folder including CNN10 writings, maps, teacher handouts, tests, Scholastic News magazines, etc.
Notebook Paper (to be kept in the folder) OR 1-Notebook (to be kept in the folder)
Independent viewing of online videos, etc, during social studies and English); Will be used in keyboarding class, too.
4  Grades
Grades will be earned in the following ways:
1  Tests
2  Classroom Assignments
3  Homework Assignments
4  Classroom Participation
5  Completion of Notes
6  Folder Checks (Midpoint and End of the Marking Period)
Please note that the high school/middle school grading system is different from the elementary schools in the school district.
A = 93-100
B = 85-92
C = 75-85
D = 70-74
F = 0-69
5  Rules/Expectations
As a 6th-grade English student entering Room 104 on a daily basis, I expect each student to be:
1  honest,
2  kind,
3  respectful,
4  responsible, and
5  his/her best.
Sixth-grade students are expected to be prepared for daily English class by:
1  having all of their class supplies,
2  having read assigned materials for the class ahead of time,
3  having completed written assignments on time, and
4  having studied for tests.
During class, each sixth-grade English student will be required to:
1  take notes from Google Slides presentations,
2  complete classroom assignments or tests, and 
3  verbally participate in class discussions/paired discussions/small group discussions.
School district rules approved by the Southern Huntingdon County School District Board of Education printed in the Student Handbook are applicable at all times.
At the start of each English class, the class will recite the following group of sentences to serve as a reminder of the building and classroom rules:
Pledge of Respect
I am a smart, special, valuable person in this room and in this school.
I respect myself, and I respect others.
My words and actions are kind and honest.
I accept only my best in all I do.
6  Test Policy
Content-based tests will be administered after grammar and writing skills are presented.
Students will be told two days prior to the test what skills are being assessed.
Tests may be administered using paper and pencil or Google Classroom (Google Forms).
Students will be given a minimum of 30-minutes (depending upon the content and length of the test) during a class period to complete the test.
Any student absent on the day of testing will be assessed following the rules established by the school district as printed in the Student Handbook.  These tests may be completed during a study hall period (Period 9) or during a  regular class period.  Alternative forms of the test with identical content may be administered.
If you have any questions about this particular social studies class, please contact me using my school email (
Thank you!