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Learning Support English

Hey Group 2 kids, I'm looking forward to see you on Tuesday September 1st.  You assignment for Monday August 31st ,  please write down for me on a piece of paper , 10 nouns, 10 verbs and 10 adjectives, and bring to class on Tuesday. 



Learning English Class

The purpose of this course to to improve the writing, reading literature, and grammar skills of students who have learning disabilities in the areas of reading comprehension, reading fluency and writing.  These students will have an Individualized Education Plan ( IEP).   Students in this class will work on skills that will prepare them to take the PSSA test  or the PASA test as well as to be successful in there regular education classes.  

Learning Objectives

Students will work to  improve their writing to meet the PA common core standards or Alternative Standards.  

Students will improve their ability to read longer works of literature, such as a novel and apply the PA common core standards or Alternative standards to that literary work.  

Students will work toward understanding the reading literacy terms that are required to understand for the PSSA tests.  

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