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Alexandra Abbatiello received her Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree in 3-dimensional arts with a minor in Art History from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana in 2016. She received her Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, Pennsylvania (no affiliation) in 2019. She exhibited as an artist in residency at Studio Kura in Japan in the summer of 2017.  She is currently pursuing her Masters in Art Education from IUP, and living, working, and teaching in Southern Huntingdon, PA.



Attention All!- Above is my Bitmoji classroom which connects to my Personal Learning Network where you can find a lot of useful information! Feel free to explore! I am currently working on posting all of my lesson plans and videos on that site.

The goal is that each class will have its' own page with the projects in case you want to review any information with your children or students. (I plan to have this done by the end of Summer 2021)


Artsonia Info: The written and QR code is posted below, and it is also available on Google Classroom.


ZOOM MEETINGS! REMOTE LEARNING/OFFICE HOURS: I am currently available any time on Fridays, My zoom link is here! It should send me a notification but you might want to email, call, or let me know ahead of time. Calls are usually much faster. My extension is 2120 which is also the code to join the meeting! Thank you! You can also give me a call 9th period 2:05-2:50 which is my planning period, or I am usually at the school until at least 4:30 with Art Club Mondays through Thursdays so feel free to call then! Please let me know if you have any problems or concerns. Thank you!


Please Visit the Art Club page by clicking the Art Club banner for more information on events, resources, scholarships, and other opportunities! Thank you!

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