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**Due to the school not being in session, I will schedule Varstiy Jacket fittings and ordering when we return to school.   

SHC Varsity Club

Advisor: Ms. Heather Yohn

The Varsity Club for Varsity athletes to gather, discuss and volunteer their leadership potential in support of all SHC athletic venues. The Varsity club is for Athletes that have been awarded a letter in a Varsity Sport. The Varsity sports recognized at Southern Huntingdon are: Girls Field Hockey, Football, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Softball, Baseball and Track and Field.               

The Varsity club handles the purchasing of Varsity Jackets. Orders are placed in the fall and spring. In the fall of each year officers are elected, consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The SHC varsity Club stimulates general interest in all athletics; promotes greater participation in sports; fosters enthusiastic team and school spirit; engenders among the athletes of this school the highest qualities of fellowship, sportsmanship, and honor.

Varsity Jackets can be ordered in the fall(November) and late spring (May), if you have your letter or are aware that you will letter in your current sport your may sign up to purchase your jacket. A $125.00 deposit must be placed before you may order your jacket. (Make out all checks to “SHC Varsity Club”) The representative will size you for your jacket on that day, and you will fill out exactly what you would like to have on your jacket. Final price of the jacket will depend upon your choices for your jacket. Jackets will take between eight and ten weeks for delivery. You will need to pay your balance before you will receive your jacket.  At this time you may also bring in your jacket to have items added on, such as another sport in which you have lettered in or a patch added to your jacket.  The representative will meet with you, and take your jacket with her, it will be returned about 3 weeks later, price will depend upon what you have added to the jacket. 

Please listen to the announcements as to when to sign up for your Varsity Jacket fitting